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You are a Google Adwords Advertiser. You understand the value of your site showing up in the top Google results to have a productive and effective business.  But, how?  

We have been running businesses online for years and have had to learn the hard way how to get on top, which means trial and error, and a lot of WASTED $$$! But, thank God, we got there and we've done the hard work for you. Now we can pass this knowledge on to you at a mere fraction of what it cost us to learn it. Simple as that! We're not going to ramble on like other infomercial sites with some long-winded sales pitch. Instead we want to give you just a short list of what you can easily attain with our "Google Assistance Package":
  • Get Listed on the First Page of Google and even the TOP of the First Page!
  • Get Top Results in Google Adwords!
  • Achieve a Low Cost Per Click/Lower Advertising Costs!
  • Create a More User-Friendly and Effective Website for Users = More Sales/More Profits!
What people are saying:

"Who knew there was a method to the madness. Google actually has a plan and I just needed to understand it. Thanks!"

"Your Google Assistance Program was simple and straightforward and broke things down so that anyone - even me : ) - could understand it. Bravo!"

"Yay! People can find me now!"

and much more!

Others charge an OUTRAGEOUS amount of money for this kind of information - HUNDREDS, EVEN THOUSANDS of $$$, but we will send you our SIMPLE, STEP-BY-STEP, EASY TO FOLLOW "GOOGLE ASSISTANCE PACKAGE" for JUST $49! Our program is practical, straightforward, and WE GUARANTEE if you apply what we teach you for the next 45 days you will achieve the results listed above.

So, that's it!  No, long, drawn-out sales pitch with flashy graphics and colors leading you on. Just real Google Adwords Assistance THAT WORKS at a REAL GOOD PRICE!  So, do yourself and your website a favor and ORDER NOW!

(Email with E-FILE will generally be sent to you within 48 HOURS of Payment)

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